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Distance Learning Made Possible ( 100% online learning)

The Hansford Online Education Experience

The competency based curriculum developed at Hansford University, from the input of the employers and educationists, is delivered through the distance learning mechanism. The University is recognized for its pioneering efforts to teach students through distance learning. It takes advantage of the latest technology in online learning in an innovative approach to contemplative education. Students can learn from Hansford University without disrupting their own busy lives or leaving their homes through the use of streaming audio, video, chat rooms, bulletin boards and other online communication tools.

With Hansford online education programs you will easily be able to find the right balance between your educational, professional and personal responsibilities and that too are rewarding.  Our online learning is specially designed for professionals and working adults to meet their needs for flexibility through the scheduling option.  Online learning is flexible - you have the convenience to study, work on your courses and interact with your facilitator or other students at a time and place that fits your schedule. This means you can begin earning your degree when you are ready, complete it in a timeframe that works for you and in a format that fits your personal needs and learning style

Hansford University’s distance learning program is dedicated to providing engaging educational experiences to students everywhere.

Our Industry Responsive Programs

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