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Industry leaders from all over the world are gathered at so that The Best in Their Fields Can Guide You Forward.

’s dynamic, highly qualified instructors are known both for their expertise and in their ability to teach and inspire students. Our faculty does not only provide students with resources, but also networks of connections that will help them advance your abilities, and your career.


Our instructors come from all parts of the world and most of them possess PhD in their respective field. With teaching experience spanning years, and in some cases even decades, these professional field specialists are committed to transferring their lifelong learning to students optimizing the university's truly digital platform.


As learning at is 100% online, our instructors possess an additional skill: ability to transfer knowledge using today's best digital learning tools. Every single member of our faculty is an expert when it comes to utilizing 's completely web-based educational environment. They create video lectures, develop digital books and lessons, address to live online classes, develop courses and assessments online, and undertake the complete teaching process digitally.


Meet Our Faculty

  • John J. Reese

    PhD, Computer Sciences
    Assistant Professor,
    Networking & Telecommunication
  • Lisa J. Miller

    Masters, Business Studies
    Assistant Professor,
    Business & Management
  • Jeremiah R. Jones

    M.A. Communication Studies
    Assistant Professor,
    Public Administration/ Social Services

John J. Reese

Ph.D., Computer Sciences, Barnett University

M.S. Computer Sciences, Mercy College

B.S. Computer Sciences, Mercy College

John J. Reese was very much inspired by his teachers and so he used to work with his professors in his part time and assist them in developing new systems that can improve the living standards. He is driven by computer networking initiatives and development and has received Silver Award from International Technological Society for his outstanding contributions. He has decades of experience of teaching students and develops them in a way so that they learn to take the lead and come up with technological innovations that can support the community. He is also a renowned speaker and conducted various presentations on Networking & Networking Systems across the world. He has also published various journals on the same theme.

Courses Taught

Computer Information Systems (CIS), Programming, Network Operating Systems

Awards and Honors

Plenary Award for Research on "Virtual Private Network" for infoSystems

Lisa J. Miller

Masters, e- Business, Namtech Business School

Masters, Supply Chain, Namtech Business School

Masters, Business Studies, Namtech Business School

Donald N. Stoops is an enthusiastic and dedicated professional with extensive teaching experience across all areas of business management. She is an exceptional leader who is able to develop and motivate students to achieve their career goals. She has also conducted various trainings and workshops in the same field.

Lisa J. Miller

Marketing, Marketing Communications, Supply Chain

Awards and Honors

Conducted a presentation on "How Technology Impacts E-business?"
Published a journal on "Persuasive & Informative Marketing Communications Mix"

Jeremiah R. Jones

M.A. Communication Studies, KIIT Academy

B.A. Public Administration, KIIT Academy

Jeremiah R. Jones is an expert in public and social policy development and implementation. During his association with world's leading non-profit organizations and numerous organizations PR related activities he has been responsible for suggesting and implementing changes in the organizational communications. During his teaching experience, he has contributed by developing, writing and implementing a joint international and national curriculum for all subjects, ensuring the maintenance of the continuum of learning. He has also been a part of developing and implementing changes in the organizational structure of the institution's policies and procedures, systems and processes and operations world-wide.

Courses Taught

Public Speaking, Photography

Awards and Honors

Certified Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator user
Published journal on "Strategies for Building a Vibrant, Cohesive, and Vision-Driven Community"
Presentations on "Ethical Issues & Trends in Global Community", "The causes & Consequences of Government Regulations".

  • Helen R. Garcia

    PhD in Human Services
    Counseling Studies
    Assistant Professor,
    Psychology/ Criminal Justice
  • Donald N. Stoops

    Master in Business
    Administration – MBA
    Assistant Professor,
    Business & Management

Helen R. Garcia

PhD in Human Services - Counseling Studies

MS in Counseling Studies – General

MS in Criminal Justice

Helen R. Garcia is a certified therapist who has been helping students to nurture in them empathizing qualities to make the society a better place to live in. Her experience as a therapist and as a counselor makes her the students favorite. She is amongst the most sought after faculty members at the Hansford University. She makes her students do a lot of different things that are not in the textbook. She gives a lot of psychological assessment-type tests as part of class projects. People in the class do come out with a better understanding of who they are. It is important to involve students in the learning process at the level of experience and not just at the intellectual level.

Courses Taught

Clinical/Counseling Psychology, Organizational Psychology

Awards and Honors

Nationally Certified Counselor
Presentation on "The creative therapies and collaborative learning"
77th Annual Health & Therapy Conference
Published research on "Organizational Psychology - Risks, Outcomes, and Globalization Issues"

Donald N. Stoops

Master in Business Administration – MBA

Bachelor in Business and Economics - USA

Quality Management: ISO - Mid Certification

A talented professional with over 10 years of international business management and consultation experience, Donald N. Stoops has an extensive experience in development & consultation of e-learning platforms and distance learning in addition to consultations on convergence from offline to online course materials. With a proven record of accomplishment in planning and leading comprehensive strategies in support of business and educational goals/objectives, he joined Hansford University. He has been involved in conceptualization and steering of targeted, integrated programs that effectively reinforce and generate results. He possesses proven ability to execute successful product launches in numerous global markets.

Courses Taught

Media Practices: Time-Based for Documentary, Media Practices: Film Form

Awards and Honors

Conducted Presentation on "Personal Leadership Webinar Series"
Presented paper on " Business Management – Study of Dynamic competencies"